20 April 2014

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Blog Reviews from Life of a Londoner...


  1. Published : Monday, 4th November 2013

    Barossa | Barossa brunch...a Fulham local

    Barossa has always been one of my favourite places to spurge out on the weekend and grab a bite to eat over weekend papers and a good cup of warming coffee. It's Aussie ran so expect blooming good coffee and huge portions! It's always crazy busy on the weekend from opening until close and recently opening for dinner during the week (Kangaroo is being served) Barossa is becoming a firm favourite with us SW6 brunch munchers (if it isn't already). I'm extremely unadventurous and go for the same thing every time 'Corn fritters with smoked bacon, avocado, rocket and tommmy chilli jam'...

  2. Published : Friday, 1st November 2013

    Royal China | Royal China...Fulham Road

    Royal China has always been 'up there' with Dim Sum lovers and you're lucky to get a spot in the smaller of the branches on Fulham Road on a weekend for some steamed delights. I was, on this occasion, lucky to bag an early spot and settled in with my book for some 'me time' and stuff my face with one of my ultimate food heavens. I don't entirely know where my love for Dim Sum started, I do think my cousin Mr H is to blame, and it costs me a small fortune as my cravings come in thick and fast. It has now been around for almost my whole London existence and has picked me up at low times, helped hugely with hangovers and ultimately been the destination for a number of wonderful catch ups - Dim Sum, I thank you...

  3. Published : Thursday, 17th October 2013

    Tonkotsu | Quest for the best Ramen...Tonkotsu

    My ramen quest continues...for this weeks treat I found myself popping through China Town and heading into the widely acclaimed Tonkotsu on Dean Street. The restaurant is a small, two story, 30 or so seater with both table and bar seating. I settled in at the Ramen bar at the front and was greeted by helpful staff, whom encouraged me to try the gyoza after a friend had told me they a an 'absolute must' - naturally, I ordered some of the pork filled ones to arrive ASAP and settled into the noodle menu...

  4. Published : Tuesday, 15th October 2013

    Dirty Burger Vauxhall | Dirty burger... oh my days

    Warning this may make you drool... I never thought I'd see the day where I would find a burger joint to rival my beloved Patty and Bun... however I've found a close contender... Under the railway arches and almost impossible to find (for us)- we walked round the same roads and back again about three times - no jokes, all 9 of us girls failed horribly with our Google-map apps!?! We finally came across the shack like burger joint that is Dirty Burger...

  5. Published : Wednesday, 9th October 2013

    Sake No Hana | Sake no Hana

    This week and last this city has held London Restaurant Festival, where us Londoner's and visitors can get a taste from some of our greats for a bargain deal... browsing on book-a-table for the incredible deals you can have I settled on Sake no Hana, four courses, a glass of bubbly all for £29 - great in many ways but mainly as I hadn't visited yet. A branch off the Hakkasan family tree it has the sleek and minimal vibe that most Japanese eateries have, however with the Hakkasan touch of modern and unusual décor with decent music to get you in the party mood. With its elder sister branch being one of my fondest family memories I was hopeful that I was in for a treat...

  6. Published : Tuesday, 1st October 2013

    Shoryu | Quest for the best Ramen...Shoryu

    Ramen-mania has hit London in the past few months and I fell in love with the stuff a while back before my little blogging days at Bone Daddies. I have now started a mini search into finding the best close to work and today's treat was exceptional. Shoryu Ramen's motto is 'It's in our bones' referencing to the laborious pork bone stock the ramen is made with, and therefore I knew they were serious about their foods...