21 August 2014

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Blogging in and Around Edinburgh

  1. One benefit of blogging has been the discovery of so many new places to eat, we now rarely eat in the same place more than once (excluding home) and are on a mission to find the best Edinburgh has to offer. My knowledge of The Magnum was fairly limited, I knew roughly where it was and was certain I could locate it without referring to my phone (I was wrong, I have a terrible sense of direction). I didn’t really know what kind of food they served up and described it to my dining companion as pub grub, a wild shot in the dark which turned out to be far off the target. My error in judgement resulted in a nice surprise for EdinBloggette, she was filled with glee when she saw the menu and realised this was no ordinary pub grub...

  2. Published : Wednesday, 9th April 2014

    Steak | Steak – I’m Slim Steaky

    We recently ventured down to Steak for their lunchtime option, which seemed reasonably priced at £9.95 for two courses, with the ‘option’ of a glass of wine for an additional £3.50. This was our first time here, we’d been meaning to come down for some time to try out their big juicy steaks but instead settled for a light lunch – if this went well we’d plan a return visit to work up some meat sweats at a later date. It’s a lovely restaurant, much bigger than imagined and what one in the trade would describe as swanky...

  3. Published : Thursday, 5th December 2013

    Mithas | Mithas – Magical, Mouth Watering Meal

    We’d heard so many good things about Mithas and as long term fans of Khushi’s we’ve been keen to try it ourselves. Finally the time had come, we entered Mithas with extreme excitement and this continued throughout our experience. The interior of Mithas is fantastic, much larger than expected but still very intimate when sitting in the booth. From the outset the service was outstanding, we were provided an incredibly warm welcome when we entered and were looked after throughout the meal. As it was cold and dark outside, there was only one possible course of action to lift our moods – cocktails! We were spoilt for choice but settled on Passion Zest, a fruity number which tasted fantastic, so fresh and presumably incredibly healthy (maybe)...

  4. Published : Thursday, 28th November 2013

    Tigerlily | Tigerlily – Shelter from the Storm

    It was a cold and wet Sunday afternoon, we were starving, immediate warmth and sustenance were required. We were spoilt for choice, so many places yet to review in the city centre so after much debate we decided on Tigerlily. Once we’d settled and began to dry off we worked our way through the menu, we were drawn to the deal of two mains for £15 and whilst not part of a deal, some wine – to warm us up. It took while for anybody to come and take our order, which under the circumstances was fine, we just wanted shelter and were close enough to the fire to feel warmer by association. The waiter, Matt, was very friendly and even commended our ordering skills. We apparently picked the two best starters and I selected the best main, our vast amount of dining experience was starting to pay off...

  5. You can’t beat a good burger, you can eat one though – so we ventured down to Holyrood 9a to do just that. There were an astounding number of burgers on offer, but with one dubbed Chilli Death there was little reason to review them all. My burger buddy kept things simple by ordering a plain cheese burger, this provided a good cross section of flavour which would maximise our reviewing potential. To keep us company we asked that a Bulmers and Ginger Grouse joined us at the table whilst we waited for the burgers to arrive...