21 August 2014

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..... Rene Karlekar | Lifestyle Blogger

  1. Published : Saturday, 5th October 2013

    Trishna | Trishna – Restaurant Review

    Whenever my father comes to London, we always embark on a culinary journey that is definitely calorie packed, belt burstlingly filling, and always delicious. His passion for food (if possible) even exceeds my own. One of his all-time favourites is Indian, so it was no surprise that for his birthday meal he gave me three Indian restaurant options to choose from – from these three I simply narrowed it down by the menus. The winning selection for the variety and good old favourites on offer was Trishna (it was seeing a delicious looking paneer starter that sold me). Situated on a gorgeous street in the lovely area of Marylebone, I wasn’t surprised to discover this up-class eatery had been awarded a Michelin-Star. I usually shy away from very fancy Indian food...

  2. Working within the travel industry, I am often lucky enough to experience some absolutely fantastic dinners and cocktail receptions. One such recent event was a hosted evening with Hyatt in the Hyatt Regency – The Churchill’s Montagu Restaurant. Not only were we provided with the wonderful opportunity to dine in such an iconic hotel, but we were to dine at the Chef’s Table. It was hands one of the nicest and most delicious dining experiences I have had to date...

  3. Published : Saturday, 29th June 2013

    Benihana | Benihana, London – Restaurant Review

    I was first recommended Benihana’s whilst visiting Las Vegas; however with there being so much variety and choice, we never managed to get around to trying it. Therefore it has been two years in the making, but we have finally gotten around to sampling the cuisine of the world-famous teppanyaki and hibachi grill restaurant last night in London. And boy what a waste of two years that has been. Be..ng vegetarian for over thirteen years has meant that my step back into the world of meat is one which I initially took slowly.