24 April 2014

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Blog Reviews from Dancing In High Heels


Living the dream my way

  1. Published : Sunday, 26th January 2014


    After much procrastination, and hearing good things about it, I have finally had dinner at Merchants Tavern. I was also quite fortunate that weekend to have sweet Mikey working that very evening... Had a sneaky little smile and wave when we were being seated, and Mikey personally came with our menus - *grins* We were seated at a cosy little corner, with a nice view of the dining area and open kitchen at the back...

  2. Published : Sunday, 22nd December 2013

    The House of Ho | HOUSE OF HO, 57-59 OLD COMPTON STREET

    A bit of a late post - been busy with the parents who have arrived from Malaysia! I made an early dinner booking last Wednesday at the recently opened House of Ho - a modern Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Soho, from New Zealand-born chef and TV personality Bobby Chinn. We ordered a selection of small dishes to share, as well as some bowls of rice - because I know how much dad loves his rice...

  3. Published : Monday, 4th November 2013

    Bo London | BO LONDON

    My Mondays are usually reserved for dancing, but I took it easy today (without missing the amazing class by Jasmin Saulo!) and excitedly rushed off after class to meet Mr D. The voucher entitled each of us to two dishes from the Steamed section, two dishes from the Fried section, and a bowl of fried rice. Our reservation was for 1.30pm, and it was rather disappointing that they had already sold out of four of the dishes (?!). So this then narrowed down our choices, leaving us with eight other dishes which we ordered one of everything to share between us. I also ordered some Jasmine tea, which came served in a cute little pot with a long handle...

  4. Published : Tuesday, 27th August 2013


    Coming to the end of the Bank Holiday weekend, we checked out Coal Vaults - a new restaurant and bar, and the latest addition to the bustling Wardour Street. The site, which was originally used to store coal in the 19th Century, has been restored to boast a 100 capacity basement venue consisting of an intimate bar and dining area, as well as five separate vaults for private dining...

  5. Published : Friday, 23rd August 2013

    Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack | BONNIE GULL SEAFOOD SHACK

    A bit late posting this up, but better late than never - especially since the food was really good! The brother and I had dinner at Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack - "A seaside restaurant in the city..." Coming from an island...anything involving seafood is right up my street!...

  6. Casse-Croute, a small little French bistro recently opened by Hervé Durochat, on Bermondsey Street. Ditching my ballet and jazz shoes on another beautiful Monday morning, I was eager to check out what this new place had to offer. I popped my head into the empty restaurant and double-checked that they were open before seating myself at the little corner by the window. It was too hot to sit outside, but at least I could still people-watch from where I was; watching curious passerby's peering through the windows every now and then...

  7. The much anticipated wait for the arrival of London's first Shake Shack was finally over, opening its doors on the 5th of July at Covent Garden Piazza - just a day after Five Guys, a five minute walk away!...

  8. Published : Friday, 21st June 2013


    So it's my second visit in less than a week...told you I'd be back (if not sooner than I expected) But the brother was visiting from Glasgow for work, and he was turning 30 (the big brother is getting old!) so I thought I'd be a nice little sister (which I am...most of the time...) and give him a little treat since he's just as big a foodie as I am...

  9. Published : Sunday, 16th June 2013


    Being the rather overly enthusiastic foodie that I am, I made an early lunch booking at Picture Restaurant, recently launched and run by former Arbutus Group employees - restaurant manager Tom Slegg, and chefs Alan Christie and Colin Kelly...