23 August 2014

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Blog Reviews from Mrs Petticoat


Restaurant reviews from Bolton to Manchester, London and beyond!My name is Vicki and I am a food blogger. Here you can find my restaurant reviews and thoughts on foodie things, from Michelin star to burger bar. Hopefully my thoughts can give you some tips on where is good to eat out locally, what restaurants are worth a special trip out for on a special Michelin Star occasion, and what meals are worth a big fat “avoid”. For more updates, follow @mrspetticoat on Twitter.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Latest Posts(function(blog, limit) {limit = +limit || 10;var scriptTags = document.getElementsByTagName('script');var scriptNode = scriptTags[scriptTags.length - 1];var recent = document.createElement(

  1. Published : Wednesday, 17th July 2013

    Five Guys | Five Guys Burgers, London

    I’ve never turned down a burger. Even when I’ve just consumed one I’m daydreaming about what toppings to have on the next patty. So even though the hubby and I were swearily stomping around Convent Garden in a strop because of the sub-standard meal we’d just had a Shake Shack when we stumbled upon Five Guys I was already up for another. We’d read bad things about ridiculous queues and crap burgers in the opening week and so had almost written them off, but there was however, a strangely warm and inviting air around London’s almost newest burger bar that has nothing to do with its location near Stringfellows...

  2. Published : Wednesday, 17th July 2013

    Shake Shack | Shake Shack, London

    When US burger kingpins Shake Shack and Five Guys announced they were both opening new restaurants in London, I could practically feel the ground rumble from the collective sigh of the London foodie elite. That lot aren’t too happy about the burger invasion that’s been conquering our capital, but calm down folks, it’s a food-stuff, not the Third Reich...

  3. Published : Wednesday, 19th June 2013

    John Salt | John Salt, London

    John Salt started off its life as the Eastenders of the London dining scene; drama, drama, drama. Head chef Ben Spalding sensationally parted company with the establishment before the end of his residency despite being booked solid for months. What possibly could have caused this? Was it the pressure? Did he not like the area? Had the owners made one too many ‘Yo mama’ jokes? It has since transpired that Ben refused to have his food diluted to the stage where he was cooking burgers and chips. With his fine dining tasting menus receiving such acclaim, this is hardly surprising. I like a man who stands by his principles, they’re the best type. Along with hunky ones. George Clooney has principles and is hunky. I wonder if he has a restaurant?...

  4. Published : Thursday, 13th June 2013

    Restaurant Story | Restaurant Story, London

    When I heard about Restaurant Story, a book themed restaurant opening in London, I got that misty eyed glaze that all daydreamers like me have in their repertoire (some think I’ve gone bogeyed, but I assure you, that’s a wistful gaze.) There’s been a small backlash against the theme, some calling it ‘twee’, a few making accusations of style over substance, others have ‘gagged’ at the suggestion diners bring a favourite book with them. I wanted to see for myself, so off I went, book in hand, singing ‘We’re going to Restaurant Story’ to the theme of Never Ending Story all the way...