24 April 2014

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What do you think of diners smoking e-cigarettes in restaurants?


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  1. It’s lovely when you discover a jewel, sat right under your nose. I’d somehow missed the fanfare of the Quality Chop House relaunch late last year. It’s actually on my way to the office, so although I’d noticed the facade, I had assumed it was a traditional British diner, on a par with a fish fryer or an eel jellier. One spring afternoon I saw a tweet about their one remaining slice of tart. The ensuing squabble amongst EC1 food bloggers told me there was something special about this place. I decided I had to investigate...

  2. Published : Thursday, 13th June 2013

    Morito | Morito: take your friends

    Everything about Morito is perfect for sharing. The tables are close set – so you’ll be sharing space in an intimate way. Come with good friends! The tapas plates are small sized, and arrive quickly. We always order together, eat together then order more if we want. Most often, it’s an intuitive ordering too, a quick glance down the menu, a suggestions from the staff, and then a random firing off of a few dishes, until a knowing glance tells you you’ve ordered enough...