31 July 2014

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What do you think of diners smoking e-cigarettes in restaurants?


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  1. In the company of Andy (signs his emails Andrew) and Lindsey, today I lunched at Dinner. I’ve never eaten at any of Heston’s places, not even the Popham Little Chef, but I’ve been interested in the man for some years – around the time I got serious about food I had a crack at his Spag Bol from ‘Perfection’ (Very good but worth the 12 hour cooking time and fiddly preparations vs the standard Humpage family recipe? Debatable). Since then and my move to London, the appeal has lessened somewhat. Whilst the Fat Duck tasting menu is right up amongst my dream dinners, the chef’s move to Channel 4 and Waitrose-based ubiquity has altered my once reverent opinion of the man...

  2. Published : Wednesday, 12th June 2013

    Galvin La Chapelle | Galvin La Chapelle

    The dining room was very classy – clean, bright and classic. The ceiling is 30 ft high and the building is Grade II listed – and it shows. The menus are unashamedly French. The service is very well judged (at least our main waitress – more on that later)...I, as ever, was drawn to the crab. Dorset crab, served in a lasagne with buerre Nantais and pea shoots. This looked superb and tasted...

  3. Published : Friday, 1st February 2013

    Vanilla Black | Vanilla Black

    After lovely little loaves with smoked butter (which was served in jars, opened – with smoke – at the table. Nice bit of theatre), the waitress...