30 July 2014

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Food makes the world go round... or at least mine

  1. Published : Saturday, 23rd November 2013

    Aqua Kyoto | Aqua Kyoto

    The 5th floor on Regent Street? Sounds incredibly fancy. In reality, the view isn’t great, as all the buildings around are the same height, and it was obviously too cold to sit outside. Having said that, the inside was absolutely beautiful. I loved how we could observe the sushi chefs at work, and the grill was very impressive (although not as much as the very effective extractor fan above it!). Now the food. Wow. All 4 of us actually ordered the same thing ( the choice was very limited, with 2 choices for course 1, and 3 choices for course 2). The presentation, however, was impeccable. The sushi tasted so fresh, and it made me ashamed of all those times I hit up Wasabi to satisfy my sushi cravings. It’s far better to skip that a few times, and save that money to have really nice sushi here!...

  2. Published : Friday, 1st November 2013

    Lima | Restaurant review: Lima

    It’s not often I go to a Michelin-starred restaurant. In fact, there have only been two occasions, one of which was before my blog started, at Arbutus, and the other was a very good value deal at Yauatcha. I was really looking forward to going to Lima, as I had no idea what Peruvian cuisine consisted of, and I had been reading a lot about it, as it has just been awarded its first Michelin star...

  3. Published : Saturday, 26th October 2013

    Mosob | Mosob – Eritrean delight in London

    Where is Eritrea? It’s next to Ethiopia, on the Red Sea, and also happens to be a 5 minute walk away from my flat. Mosob is a little haven amidst the bustling streets of London, with varied smells far beyond anything you could imagine. I came here almost a year ago, and I have been waiting to return ever since. A visit from a university friend finally yielded that chance. I was amazed, again, at the similarities Eritrean food has to Indian food. They use ghee, paneer and daal, and their samosas are called ‘sambosas’. There are, however, some very marked differences...

  4. Published : Thursday, 24th October 2013

    Bibigo Bar & Dining | Bibigo Bar & Restaurant

    How did I survive before Korean food? Bibimbap, the subtle sweetness of bulgogi, the beauty of jap chae… I’m salivating at the mere thought. My first time was a little over a year ago in New York City, and since moving to London, I have made it a point to visit as many Korean restaurants as possible. So far, my favourite had been Bi Bim Bap in Soho, with its unassuming Ikea chairs and steaming stone bowls filled to the brim. But last week I went to Bibigo and … well, let’s just say I have two favourites now...

  5. Published : Saturday, 19th October 2013

    Lucky 7 | Restaurant review: Lucky 7 Diner

    I have never quite understood the allure of the All American Diner Experience (yes, it should be capitalised). I neither liked nor disliked it – there was neutrality about my feelings, where I would agree to go if somebody else suggested it, but would never propose it myself. Until I visited Lucky 7. My All American Flatmate took me to this little diner on Westbourne Park Road to brighten up a dreary Saturday morning in London (although it may have been noon by the time we arrived…). As we pushed open the door, we were welcomed by the sounds of jazz and the smell of coffee and bacon. The atmosphere was incredibly friendly, and we were quick to order the Eggs Royale and the Huevos Rancheros, with an extra side of bacon and French fries as we felt quite over indulgent!...

  6. When we arrived, the place was buzzing and our very friendly waitress showed us to our table. The décor was quite artsy, but nice – it still had a bit of a factory feel to it, yet was well presented. As we had specified when reserving that we were here for the ‘reef, beef and bubbles’ deal, the only thing we were asked was how we would like our steak cooked before we were presented with a bottle of Prosecco, which was expertly popped and poured. It was delicious, and a nice atmospheric way to start our lunch. The food arrived in about 15-20 minutes, beautifully presented on a wooden board. As promised, there was half a queen lobster, a 4 oz steak, and a flowerpot (?) filled with hand cut chips...

  7. Published : Friday, 2nd August 2013

    Brasserie Zédel | Restaurant review: Brasserie Zédel

    You’d never even know it was there… the expansive, high-ceilinged restaurant, bar and cabaret, hidden underground behind an unassuming façade on Sherwood Street. This was the location I chose for this month’s team meeting, and as on previous occasions, it was a huge success.

  8. Published : Wednesday, 26th June 2013

    Maroush V | Restaurant review: Maroush

    Being rather partial to a cooked breakfast, especially the morning after a big night out and knowing that Saturday night would be just that, I spent some time looking into where to eat breakfast in Glasgow on Sunday morning. One name kept cropping up again and again, Cafe Gandolfi. It’s been around for over 30 years and appears to be hugely popular and well loved, the current owner Seumas MacInnes even has a couple of impressive sounding cookbooks to his name...

  9. I love small menus, as it makes it so much easier to choose what you want. Burger & Lobster go one step further, as they don’t even bother giving you a menu. There are only 3 choices: burger, lobster and lobster roll. We found out at the end of our meal that they recently introduced a 4th (!) option, the California burger (which substitutes the bread for lettuce as a healthy option). No matter what you choose, it comes with salad and fries and costs 20£...

  10. Published : Saturday, 15th June 2013

    Avenue | Restaurant review: Avenue Restaurant & Bar

    I decided to book the Avenue Restaurant and Bar, which is about a 10 minute walk from Piccadilly Circus. As we entered, the interior felt slightly imposing and I wasn’t sure if I was fancy enough to be eating here. However, the service was so friendly that we felt at ease immediately, as they took our coats and bags and showed us to our table. We opted for their ‘Summer in St James’ menu, which was good value at £19.50 for two courses and a glass of prosecco (my favourite drink, summer or winter!). Our waiter opened with a friendly ‘Hello’, and when we smiled at him, he followed up with ‘Is it me you’re looking for?’ This immediately broke the ice as he started explaining the items on the menu to us. I opted for the pork and pistachio terrine to start, with almond-topped lettuce on the side...

  11. I love Asian food (as you may have noticed), and will grab any opportunity to eat as much of it as possible. Yesterday was no different, as I had planned a long overdue meal with friends from university, one of whom recommended Sri Suwoon as a reasonably priced Asian option. After various emails and a look at the menu online, we were very much in favour and booked a table. While the restaurant is located very near Victoria station, it is slightly hidden in a side street, which means it is nice and quiet and has a lovely atmosphere. As soon as we arrived, we received free prawn crackers, and when we asked for another bowl as we were still waiting for someone, they gave it to us with no qualms at all...

  12. Published : Wednesday, 1st May 2013

    Yalla Yalla | Restaurant review: Yalla Yalla

    I had some friends visiting and so we decided to take the free walking tour (a highly recommended activity for anybody, local or foreign). Once it was over, we felt peckish, and so we decided to go somewhere for a quick snack. But where? ‘I feel like Lebanese food!’, my friend exclaimed suddenly. And so I pulled out Google Maps, typed in ‘Lebanese’, and 15 minutes later we walked, or rather squeezed, into what looked like somebody’s living room, and smelled absolutely divine. Yalla Yalla has a small menu, but we wanted to order every single item...

  13. Published : Saturday, 20th April 2013

    Bacco | Restaurant review: Bacco

    I appreciate the small things in life… my favourite chocolate in the Lindt assorted box (the roasted almond one), snuggly socks, the smell of rain… Last night it was the waiter helping me put on my coat, that silver instrument which cleans the crumbs off a nice tablecloth, and the little note stating ’25 minutes’ next to the risotto, which assured its freshness. Bacco is an Italian restaurant in Holborn and a truly incredible find. How did I discover it?...

  14. Published : Friday, 19th April 2013

    Cay Tre | Restaurant review: Cay Tre

    I visited Cay Tre upon a friend’s recommendation when I had only been in London for about a month. It was only the second time I had been to Soho, but I was already in love with all the eateries we passed along the way, including Yalla Yalla, which we had discovered a couple of weeks earlier (review to follow). As we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted by a sumptuous whiff of Vietnamese food...

  15. Published : Monday, 15th April 2013

    Shampers | Restaurant review: Shampers

    Tucked away just behind Regent Street, Shampers has a very cosy, familiar atmosphere. Despite the fact that we could not spot any non-business lunches, it felt more homely than corporate. The slightly asymmetrical pictures on the wall, the fresh flowers on the tables and in the bathroom, the blackboard with the specials on it… all contribute to a very comfortable atmosphere...

  16. Published : Tuesday, 9th April 2013

    Ping Pong Soho | Restaurant review: Ping Pong

    I first discovered Ping Pong when I was visiting London with my father last summer. We were wandering around Central London and saw the sign for dim sum, which immediately caught our fancy. Since then, I have eaten there 3 or 4 time...