25 April 2014

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  1. Published : Sunday, 5th May 2013

    ZTH | Zetter Townhouse

    Our final stop was Zetter Townhouse Cocktail Lounge - a Tony Corigliano (69 Colebrooke Row) bar with Bruno Loubet food attached to a hotel in a Georgian Townhouse in St. John's Square. Olly had been earlier that week and needed sleep so headed home, leaving the three of us to push on the discreet front door (you will only see the ZTH marking when you get right up to it). Inside is a mad living room with bookcases, an open fire and artwork all over the walls. We waited by a bookshelf to be seated where Libby got attached to some scientific tomes. Once seated, we went for some house cocktails - Cath's Milk Collins (gin with milk syrup and more) was interesting, and Libby's Flintlock (with gunpowder tea tincture pyrotechnics) was complexed and strong! I went for The Richmond, a drinkable Manhattan with an apple honey twist. It's a cosy, well-lit bar that would be perfect for a date, though they do slightly try to spoil the atmosphere with a bizarre club-beat infused swing soundtrack that doesn't quite fit...

  2. Published : Tuesday, 9th April 2013

    Monikers | Monikers

    We decided to stay nearby so we popped into Monikers, a new school-themed restaurant and bar that has recently opened. It was pretty quiet, but I would imagine it won't be long before this place is packed, as they have put a huge amount of effort into the décor, as well as the food and drink. The menus are presented as old text books with doodles all over them...

  3. Published : Sunday, 10th March 2013

    Mark's Bar at Hix | Mark's Bar at Hix

    We headed off in search of a bar and decided to see if we could get in to Mark's Bar tucked away underneath Hix restaurant on Brewer Street. It's not advertised on the street itself so walk through the giant restaurant door and you'll see a neon sign pointing down the stairs. We had to wait for about 40 minutes to get downstairs which wasn't ideal but it did give us time to peruse the inventive cocktail menu and make up our minds before heading to the bar. There are queues because they don't let it get at all crowded downstairs which is great once you make it in and gives it a member's club...