29 July 2014

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Blog Reviews from Lady Rhubarb


The ravenous rants and foodie frolics of a lovely London lady!

  1. Published : Saturday, 8th June 2013

    Beagle | Beagle, Hoxton

    Expect the unexpected from new Hoxton resident, Beagle. Located under the station arches, it’s far too polished for this hipster hood. I went there on a Sunday expecting a relaxed brunch menu, not an egg to be cracked. And perhaps the most shocking, where is the beagle hiding?...

  2. Published : Sunday, 19th May 2013

    Mr Buckley's | Brunch with Mr Buckley

    A little too hip for his Hackney Road neighbours, Mr Buckley’s is a welcome revere from the chicken shops and offies which line this busy street. And just a short stroll from Columbia Rd a perfect brunch, sheltering you from the throng. Dishing up an all day brunch menu, he really does know how to impress a girl. And the calibre is a lot higher than your typical London lad...

  3. Published : Monday, 13th May 2013

    Hartnett Holder & Co | Hartnett Holder & Co, Hampshire

    The latest offering from renowned chef Angela Hartnett is a collaboration with Luke Holder at the gorgeous Lime Wood estate in Hampshire. It would be difficult not to love this place, set amongst the idyllic New Forest, it is like stepping into an aristocratic country club...

  4. Published : Friday, 5th April 2013

    The Clove Club | The Clove Club, Shoreditch

    From the lads behind Upstairs at The Ten Bells, The Clove Club is their latest and first permanent London fixture. Located in the historic Shoreditch Town Hall, they have fitted out a front bar and a separate dining room. It’s ambitious, youthful and everyone’s talking about it. A much larger dining room and open kitchen makes the experience a little less intimate than their Ten Bells gaff, nevertheless the open space, high ceilings, wooden tables and blue tiles give an almost boarding school diner feel that works. The acoustics need a little tweaking, or maybe I am just getting old!...