22 August 2014

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Blog Reviews from A Table For Two


Two's company. A few words on food, drink and little adventures!

  1. Published : Thursday, 6th March 2014

    Bodean's Tower Hill | Bodeans – Tower Hill

    In your hand you’ve got a tool of over communication. You have the means to reach hundreds of people in seconds. Technology is wonderful, but then it’s always baffling when a restaurant is given an email address that they don’t bother using. Moreover, it’s frustrating when it’s paired with bungling online booking system. However unreachable Bodean’s Tower Hill proved to be, we managed to grab a sought after mid-week table. Inside was a flurry of staff and suits, we went downstairs. Cramp and stifling, but the clientele seemed content so we decided to stick it out. Laminated menus and kitchen roll on the table, were we really in zone 1? It reeked of a poor attempt at ‘rough and ready’. The only place it was comparable to was a branch of Hooters (but less fun)...

  2. Published : Thursday, 6th March 2014

    The Fable | The Fable

    Farringdon, never a go to destination for dining out in London has recently stamped itself on the food map with numerous openings in the area. The latest being The Fable. The latest Drake and Morgan restaurant bar has transformed a bleak office space into an enchanted land themed restaurant which sports more greenery than your local garden centre. Split between a large bar and two floors of dining space, The Fable has created a more accommodating dining destination than it’s sister sites where the bar may take a little more precedence. Nonetheless, the bar vibe is still strong here with live DJ’s covering the busy evenings...

  3. Published : Thursday, 13th February 2014

    Opera Tavern | Opera Tavern

    Thankfully there’s been a tapas renaissance of late. Brindisa, the marvellous Jose and Barrfina are all leading the way. Although, Opera Tavern could easily be a noteworthy trailblazer. Above the rest, Opera Tavern has a fantastic formula that makes it very appealing. The menu is refined and thankfully goes beyond the later ‘holy trinity’. You can dine like a king or as modestly as you like. Sit amongst the gaggle at the bar or sit snuggly amongst other dinners at the tables (much like its neighbour Mishkins, it is intimate on space). The wine list is broad and far from intimidating, with only three mentions of the damned Rioja. The staff are conscientious, efficient and will happily divulge their personal recommendations with confidence and vigour...

  4. Published : Wednesday, 5th February 2014

    The Anthologist | The Anthologist

    Having heard about The Anthologist from a friend (who should have a loyalty card for the amount of time she visits the Bank restaurant) we decided to visit for a bite to eat. We clocked the restaurant from the large group of punters outside and frankly were a little put off by the loud music blasting from inside. Friday night is certainly not a quiet one in the area, whilst the bar side of the restaurant was heaving with after work drinkers, the dining area seemed a lot more relaxed and inviting with candle lit tables and a buzzing open kitchen on the far side. We decided to honour our pre- reserved table ( annoying a few impromptu diners who were told waiting time was over an hour) and followed the waiter to a cosy table for two by the window. Although on the other side of the restaurant, we could still hear the up tempo music from the bar, which was the only downfall to the whole evening...

  5. Published : Wednesday, 30th October 2013

    Zoilo | Zoilo

    Argentinians are famous for their steak therefore most “Argentinian” restaurants are essentially steak houses where you are expected to be served with a slab of meat and some great red wine if you are in a decent place. Zoilo does things differently. Established by renowned argentine chef Diego Jacquet and restauranteur Alberto Abbate, the restaurant sets to rejuvenate diner’s thinking about his country’s food through a fantastic showcase of its best food and wine right to our table...

  6. Published : Sunday, 25th August 2013

    Ducksoup | Duck Soup

    It speaks volumes of a place if you get terrible service on a Friday evening. The staff either hate their boss, you or a mixture of both. Duck Soup’s staff seemed to be inconvenienced by our arrival. A slight flicker of eye contact above people’s heads was as much of an acknowledgment we were going to get...

  7. Published : Tuesday, 16th July 2013

    40 Maltby Street | 40 Maltby Street

    Can London keep a secret? The answers no. There’s very rarely a place you want to be a complete secret. A place that you’d want to go time and time again, until one day maybe you might get that nod of acceptance from the staff. 40 Maltby Street joins a plethora of small businesses under a south London archway in Bermondsey. It’s name sake street offers coffee from Monmouth and waffles from well…Waffle On. But beneath this certain archway lies a kitchen of very modest size that seems to create a goliath force of ingredient based wizardry. For the Bermondsey Street elite, it’s their local...

  8. Published : Tuesday, 16th July 2013

    Patty & Bun James Street | Patty & Bun

    As we stared at a pile of scaffolding, Destiny’s Child blared out in the background. At this point we were glad we were waiting 30 minutes for a table. Sadly we’re being ironic. Irony continued to follow as we stepped through the door. Semi-industrial fittings/furniture: check. Trendy beers: check. Caricature burgers: check. Laissez faire service: check. Surprisingly this was not Dalston but 5 minutes from Oxford street. In an area...

  9. Published : Sunday, 16th June 2013

    Tramshed | Tramshed

    Tramshed appeared last year as another page to Mark Hix’s extensive portfolio. Situated on the desirable Rivington street. Tramshed sits ominously amongst the other buildings. Behind its door is no less of a sight. Almost floor to ceiling white tiles, long spanning bar and of course the lesser spotted Damien Hirst cock and bull sits above your head...

  10. Published : Thursday, 13th June 2013

    Tanner & Co | Tanner & Co

    A nod to Bermondsey Street’s past has been given with the name, although that’s about it. Everything else seems rather tenuous when you actually delve into Southwark’s rich history. Stepping inside you’ll see that an interior designer has ingeniously mixed the steampunk sub-genre with a BBC set from Grange Hill...

  11. Published : Sunday, 9th June 2013

    Casa Morita | Casa Morita

    Brixton’s Market Row undeniably spoils for choice. Playing host to Franco Manca, Salon, Seven and many other South London elites. The buzz surrounding South American food still hasn’t really died down, quite rightly Casa Morita holds it’s head high above the lesser high street alternatives by not dubbing their menu as ‘street food’ and selling small quantities of food for a wrongly inflated price (it’s pretty 2012)...

  12. Published : Tuesday, 14th May 2013

    Oblix at The Shard | Oblix- The Shard

    Oblix is the newest restaurant from Rainer Becker, founder of Zuma, Roka and the Shochu Lounge, proudly sitting on the 32nd floor of Europe’s tallest building. The concept behind the restaurant and lounge bar is inspired by New York upscale dining with a grill inspired menu, moving away from his signature Japanese cuisine and culture which have gained him the name...

  13. Published : Monday, 13th May 2013

    Duck & Waffle | Duck & Waffle

    Adding altitude to anything can make the ordinary into the sublime. Drinking, eating, gazing and socialising is simply better at great heights. Duck & Waffle have played on these factors. Being open 24hrs a day and being that little bit higher than SushiSamba it has definitely created its own hype. Waiting lists are still pretty extensive and there is no question that walking past those who turn up without one makes the trip a little bit more satisfying. Where you’re sat however still makes a big difference to your visit...

  14. Published : Sunday, 21st April 2013

    Sushisamba | SushiSamba

    You’ll see a lot more of London if you simply just look up. You’ll see even more when you look down from SushiSamba. Coming from across the pond SushiSamba boasts a ‘unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, music and design’. It’s scrutinous approach to design has cemented SushiSamba as a credible brand with a tried and tested formula...

  15. Published : Sunday, 7th April 2013

    The Parlour | Parlour

    Tucked away from Kensal Green’s popular Paradise, Parlour is a very welcome new addition to a very up and coming part of town. With a substantial pub pedigree behind the owners, Parlour does watering hole very well with an extensive list of ales and with beers coming from Hackney to Hawaii as well as some tongue in cheek twists on the cocktail list (we heard the Notting Hill Gypsy is fairly popular)...

  16. Published : Sunday, 7th April 2013

    Lowry & Baker | Lowry & Baker

    A quaint little cafe at the Golborne Road end of Portobello where only residents know to visit, Lowry & Baker is a cosy neighbourhood cafe full of charm and bustling with character. Mis-matched furniture, shared tables and an open kitchen, living room sized spot a homely feel. It’s a tight squeeze to find a seat but the freshly baked cakes and brewed Monmouth coffee served in vintage crockery can’t help but lure loyal crowds...

  17. Published : Monday, 25th March 2013

    The Lucky Pig | The Lucky Pig

    Providing the food and service is good, a restaurant can generally live up to expectations, yet bars seem to have bigger shoes to fill as they need to crowd control to get the atmosphere down to a tee. Fortunately The Lucky Pig has managed to hit the nail on the head- at least on the occasion we visited...

  18. Published : Sunday, 17th March 2013

    Dock Kitchen | Dock Kitchen

    Built upon the success of head chef Stevie Parle’s pop up restaurants and cookbooks, the Dock Kitchen sits atop designer Tom Dixon’s sleek showroom, overlooking an enclave of the ex-industrial canal...

  19. Published : Sunday, 17th March 2013

    Bone Daddies | Bone Daddies

    Sum parlours and Ramen bars will continue to dominate 2013. Bone Daddies does it with good cause. Whilst Soho’s side streets may harbour a spattering of antiquated, greasy Asian/oriental themed restaurants. Bone Daddies breaks the mould...

  20. Published : Sunday, 10th March 2013

    Khamsa Brixton | Khamsa

    Khamsa needs not to boast. It’s a neighbourhood establishment. A part of the community. Started by a husband and wife team a few years ago, it’s clear to see that this intimate Algerian place has heart. Although, it’s more than one of those well worn locals you go to every Friday night. If you tried to come here for dinner though, you will probably be out of luck since the small split level restaurant only hold about 40 covers in total and is rarely open on both floors. The restaurant is popular but the owners clearly don’t want to compromise on quality for the sake of making an extra buck...

  21. Published : Sunday, 3rd March 2013

    Burger and Lobster Soho | Burger & Lobster

    Demand for Burger & Lobster still hasn’t dropped and for good reason too. With three branches under its belt across London already, it sure looks like business is going well for this casual dining joint. We arrived to the Soho branch on a Thursday night around 9pm for a late dinner and were still told there was an hour wait or if we were lucky we could grab a space at the bar, which we ended up doing. From the outside, B&L looks deceivingly small, but inside is a whole different story...

  22. Published : Sunday, 3rd March 2013

    Brasserie Zédel | Brasserie Zédel

    Brasserie Zédel can only be described as unadulterated opulence for the gastrically concerned masses. Beneath the jostling streets of Piccadilly and behind an almost modest street side facade lies a labyrinth of splendour. Down the stairs and into the foyer you’ll be greeted with hand-painted murals, chandeliers and rich velvets. Such grandiose (one could imagine) is reminiscent of Titanic’s grand hall with only the clientele bringing us back to modern times...

  23. Published : Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Bob Bob Ricard | Bob Bob Ricard

    Open for lunch all the way to late dinner, Bob Bob Ricard is definitely a place to keep in mind if you’re looking to indulge, impress or just treat yourself at any time of the day. Do book ahead as weekends are particularly busy, however if you’re planning to snoop the place up before handing over your credit card, drop by Bobby’s Bar downstairs. Grab your suit jacket and high heels and enjoy a nightcap in style...

  24. Published : Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Mishkin's | Mishkin’s

    No doubt about it, there is a buzz about Mishkin’s. It may be due to it’s location or the fact that it’s one of the few Jewish Delis around London. The interior is all bare brick walls and low lighting, very much in keeping with the rest of the Russell Norman and Richard Beatty empire which include the ever popular Polpo, Polpetto, Spuntino and Da Polpo. Banquette seating and closely stacked formica topped tables, provide a one way ticket away from Covent Garden into a one of New York’s little hip hangouts. However, don’t expect authentic Kosher delicacies because one thing Mishkins isn’t is truly Jewish...

  25. There is something exciting about finding a hidden bar in an unexpected part of town. Situated at the heart of Chinatown, an area which Londoners avoid and tourists swarm, Opium is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise lacking part of West End...