23 August 2014

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Celebrity Interviews & Profiles — October 2009


Archives for October 2009

Let’s do lunch - Cherie Blair - Celebrity Interviews & Profiles Let’s do lunch - Cherie Blair

As the prime minister’s wife, outspoken Cherie Blair juggled several roles and gave the tabloids plenty to write about. Over lunch with James Kidd she discusses life at Number 10, her new freedom and her enduring loyalty to the Labour Party

Tony Conigliaro - Master of Invention - Celebrity Interviews & Profiles Tony Conigliaro - Master of Invention

After years spent dreaming up imaginative cocktails for the capital’s leading watering holes, mixology maestro Tony Conigliaro has taken the plunge with his own bar. Clinton Cawood samples his latest creation

Housewives Choice  - Klye MacLachlan - Celebrity Interviews & Profiles Housewives Choice - Klye MacLachlan

There’s nothing desperate about Kyle MacLachlan. As he tells Fiona Sims, he’s fallen in love with making wine on his home territory of Washington State

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