21 August 2014

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Celebrity Interviews & Profiles — June 2009


Archives for June 2009

Let's Do Lunch - James May - Celebrity Interviews & Profiles Let's Do Lunch - James May

Rarely far from our TV screens, Top Gear star James May is not short of an opinion or two. Over lunch at his local, the tousle-haired presenter tells Bill Thomas how kitchens are just like garages, why cooking is killing DIY and how the French intellectualise wine

Let's Do Lunch - Mary Portas - Celebrity Interviews & Profiles Let's Do Lunch - Mary Portas

She used her considerable retail skills to transform Harvey Nichols, but it’s as TV’s Mary, Queen of Shops that Mary Portas has found her true vocation, combining her first love of acting with her business talents. Sarah Butler meets the straight-talking guru

Kitchen Confidential - Giorgio Locatelli - Celebrity Interviews & Profiles Kitchen Confidential - Giorgio Locatelli

At home in Camden, Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli tells Tania Daniels what makes the perfect kitchen

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