22 August 2014

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Mini Features — June 2009


Archives for June 2009

Pechoune At Bord'eaux - Mini Features Pechoune At Bord'eaux

To give a private room - or 'salon privé' as it's known here - its own name may seem a tad pretentious, especially when it only has 10 seats, but then Péchoune is no ordinary PDR. Furnished with leather chairs, polished wood panels and a rather lovely carpet, it also has a window looking through to the restaurant's walk-in wine cellar, where a small group can enjoy a tutored tasting ahead.

The Garden Suite At Royal Garden Hotel - Mini Features The Garden Suite At Royal Garden Hotel

You can’t beat the views from the new Garden Suite on the 10th (top) floor of the Royal Garden Hotel. We spent a welcome night there post International Confex in February, where a huge sunken bath soothed our weary feet.

Karaoke Box Smithfield - Mini Features Karaoke Box Smithfield

Can we let you into a secret? You don’t have to sing karaoke if you book the VIP room at Karaoke Box Smithfield. In fact, you don’t even have to pick up a microphone if you don’t want to. Why? Because the room has a Playstation 3 loaded with the highly addictive Rockband, where two people can play a guitar each and another the drums.

Lettice - Mini Features Lettice

Known for its innovative design and presentation, Lettice is particularly famed for its stacked food installations and striking LED canapé trays. Its role call of clients includes the Brit Awards, Porsche and Stella McCartney, so the company certainly moves in the right circles.

The Terrace At The City Club - Mini Features The Terrace At The City Club

What could be better on a warm summer day than drinks in a hidden haven nestled among the capital's skyscrapers? The open-air courtyard at the City of London Club is a bit of a suntrap too, making it the perfect place for an after-work barbeque or cocktail reception.

Drum Cafe - Mini Features Drum Cafe

When Drum Cafe set up a one off drumming teambuilding workshop on the Silver Sturgeon recently, we were there to join the beat. The verdict? Having put on over 28,000 shows in 53 countries, the company has clearly found a formula that works.

The Warner Fabrics Room At Stapleford Park - Mini Features The Warner Fabrics Room At Stapleford Park

Having supplied the royal family with textiles for over a century, Warner Fabrics certainly knows a thing or two about luxury interiors. The Warner-sponsored bedroom is one of Stapleford's Grand Rooms (there are five others) and, as you’d expect, is suitably regal in tone.

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