22 August 2014

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Beefeater Twisted Cocktails — August 2007


Archives for August 2007

Beefeater Twisted Cocktails

Red Snapper at Casita
(created by Pete Jeary)
Beefeater Gin
Juniper berries
Coriander root
Green chilli
Lemon juice
Worcestershire sauce
Noilly Prat Ambre
Tomato juice
Pinch of celery salt
Served as part of the Beefeater’s Brunch with a bacon sandwich and homemade brown sauce

Duke of Manchester Punch at Hawksmoor
(created by Nick Strangway)
Infused Beefeater Gin
Sweet & dry vermouths
Lemon sherbet
Summer Berries

June-iper Cocktail at Lonsdale
(created by Charles Vexenat)
Beefeater Gin
White grapefruit juice
Cinnamon syrup flavoured with a little star anise syrup
Served in a coupette glass with a star anise garnish

Granddad’s Allotment at Lost Society
(created by James Parfitt)
Beefeater Gin
Battersea Porter
Fresh apple juice
Pear jam
Rosemary jelly
Black treacle sugar
Lemon juice
Served with a slice of caramelised black treacle rhubarb

Rafa’s Nose at The Marquess Tavern
(created by Joel Constantino)
Beefeater Gin
Meantime London Porter
Orange & cinnamon syrup Egg
A cross between a Victorian favourite; the Dog’s Nose, mentioned in Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers and an ancient restorative called an Ale Posset

Earl Grey and Marmalade Gimlet at Pinchito
(created by Marcus)
Beefeater Gin
Chilled Earl Grey tea
Citric acid
Served shaken and double strain into a coupe glass and garnished with a hot tonic froth (tonic water, leitchin and sunflower oil)

Crown Martini at Roast
(created by Pzremek Boginski)
Beefeater Gin
Blue Curacao
Lemon juice
Served in a Martini glass with a mint leaf on the rim

Jazz Negroni at Ronnie’s
(created by Gregor de Gruyther)
Beefeater Gin
Regan's orange bitters

The Capital at Roxy Bar & Screen
(created by Phil Wood)
Beefeater Gin
Half a lemon
Gomme syrup
Crushed ice
Orange bitters
Served with a slice of lemon

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